thanks to solange

I feel weird about admitting that I like the #concept of creative challenges that encourage posting everyday during October: Vlogtober on yt, Inktober on instagram…Okay those might be the only ones I know, but their influence has made me consider posting here regularly this month.  There’s a chance that things might get interesting, I’m sick for the first time in a long time (and hoping that it’s the flu) and my birthday is in a few weeks, of course to be immediately followed by midterms.

But none of that’s as interesting as the reason that I decided to take my hair down, take my phone off its charger to make a video-thing and start daily posting tonight instead of some time in the nebulous, probably never-arriving future.  Because the reason is Solange’s A Seat at the Table.

Listen to it here.

Watch the video for Don’t Touch My Hair.

Watch the video for Cranes in the Sky.

And then this will make sense.

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